:: Vision  
To create a society where every people avail basic needs and cares
:: Mission
The organisation want to bring the socio-economic development of the people by providing cost effective, sustainable vocational education, economic empowerment through skill development, setting up entrepreneurship, shelter to needy and helpless and education to weaker sections
  :: Strategy  
To reach the goal, GUARDS working strategy is to ensure the grassroot people's participation, facilitate their access to local resources and empower the powerless. In conformity with this, the programmes are need based and socially viable. The strategy is such that people should actively participate in programme planning, implementing and sustaining.
:: Main Objectives
  • To initiate and encourage the education and health for women and children;
  • To facilitate women and youth groups to get more livelihood options;
  • To organize community action for social, economical and cultural development;
  • To reach out more and more deprived and underprivileged children and bring hope and happiness into their lives.
  • To promote recreational and cultural forums, libraries, reading rooms and study groups;
  • To undertake employment generation, income supplementation, self-employment, animal husbandry, health education and agricultural development in rural areas, etc.